Tata Tea Chakra Gold, 250g

4 out of 5

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57.60/ 100g
  • The superior gold infusion of Chakra Gold makes it stand apart from its competitors
  • In 2013, Chakra Gold was re-launched, and now terms itself as ‘the golden infusion for the golden woman of today
  • Characteristic golden colour which is the hallmark of a superior quality tea
  • Enjoy the Tata Tea chakra Gold everyday as you wake up to follow your hearts desires
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145.00 144.00

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Tata Tea Chakra Gold is the second largest tea brand in South India and the ninth largest across India, in terms of market share. Originally launched in 1985 as Chakra Premium Dust Tea, the product was renamed Chakra Gold in 1989. Over the last 30 years, it has built a strong equity in the markets of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.