Drools Puppy Starter Dog Food, 3kg

2.35 out of 5


26.67/ 100g
  • DHA for a smarter stronger puppy
  • Promotes optimum growth
  • Better digestibility and health
  • Healthy skin and coat
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A puppy’s nutritional requirements at weaning are qualitatively comparable to that of their mother’s at the end of lactation. During this period the mother builds up again her reserves that are lost throughout lactation. Drools puppy starter provides 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for weaning puppies. It supports puppy’s strong defences from within the digestive tract. It is designed to promote a gradual transition from mother’s milk to solid food. Scientifically developed in a convenient easily rehydrable form. Drools puppy starter can also be fed to during pregnancy or while nursing. Chicken, whole dried eggs, corn, rice, wheat, corn gluten meal, fish oil, soya refined, corn oil, lecithin, essential amino acid, minerals, vitamins, salt, natural antioxidants, prebioics and probiotics.